Learning How to Play Guitar

Learning How to Play Guitar

It seems that every teenager goes through a stage when he or she wants to be a rock star. They dream of strapping on that electric guitar or getting behind the drum kit, and expressing all the rebellion of adolescence as fiery pyrotechnics explode in the background. Of course, all of this rock and roll stardom has to start somewhere. Guitar lessons are a helpful step. Just remember: the first guitar you ever get is the most special. It does not matter if it is a beat-up old Stratocaster, or some uncomfortable and oversized acoustic, you will always remember the guitar you first learned to play on.

The basic guitar chords are E, G, B, D, F, A, and C. There are major, minor, and dominant variations of these chords as well: G7, A7, and D minor, are just a few examples. The majority of pop or rock songs are built on Learn-Guitar-Cordsthese basic chords. As a beginner, the difficulty in learning how to play guitar is twofold. First, you need to condition the fingers no properly hold down the chords, by putting pressure on the strings, in order to get clear sound. Getting adjusted to these chord formations takes time; the hand often feels cramped and awkward, and calluses form on the tips of the fingers. Second, being able to change from one chord to another, quickly and cleanly, takes practice. However, once these two fundamentals are achieved, you are well on your way to hitting the big stage.

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